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What is Adopt-a-Node?

Adopt-a-Node is an initiative by Bitcoin Unlimited to strengthen the Bitcoin network.

It allows users to launch their own Bitcoin Unlimited full node via this website.

Technical and non-technical individuals can make their voices heard, and contribute to the evolution of Bitcoin through a bottom-up, free-market-based approach.

Why adopt a node?

Bitcoin is only as strong as it’s full-node network.

Make your voice heard
Decide on your node’s block size limit, launch, and signal to miners that you are ready for bigger blocks today.
Strengthen the Bitcoin network
A network with multiple full node implementations is more robust and less centralized. By adopting a BU node, you are moving the network in this direction.
Help enforce the rules of Bitcoin
Full nodes reject transactions and blocks that don’t follow Bitcoin’s consensus rules. Your node will help in this capacity.

How to adopt a node?

The Adopt-a-Node project makes it easy to launch a Bitcoin Unlimited full-node.

Pick your parameters

Configure your node by choosing an Excessive Blocksize (EB) and Acceptance Depth (AD).

Name your node

This name will be appended to your node’s user agent string. It will be visible on the Bitcoin network.

Select a Cloud Hosting Provider

Pick how long you want to adopt the node and which cloud provider you want to use for hosting it.

Pay with Bitcoin, and Launch!

Launch your node in the wild. You will receive its IP address, and can check in on it on the site and elsewhere.

Who is behind Adopt-a-Node?

The Bitcoin Unlimited organization mandates are:

  1. To foster competing implementations of the Bitcoin protocol in order to provide more choice to node operators and to add robustness to the network.
  2. To support the continued growth and adoption of Bitcoin as a peer-to-peer electronic cash system as described in Satoshi Nakamoto's white paper.

We believe in the long-term scalability of the Bitcoin network.

We hope you will join us in moving towards this goal by adopting a node.

Adopt a node